And so the bratpack lost one of its cubs this morning with the untimely demise of Corey Haim, which meant I spent most of my bus journey to work wondering if any of the others were dead yet.   I don’t think any of them are, although it astonishes me that Charlie Sheen is still with us – what with his fiancee accidentally shooting him several years ago and his recent stroke, but there he is, all chin and eyebrow comedy in “Two and a Half Men” (presumably he is the “half”).  He is still the boy who likes to P-A-R-T-Y, despite his father’s best attempts to steer him towards the straight and narrow.  Charles ‘Hellraiser’ Sheen aint no straight and narrow guy; he’s two busy fathering babies with ladies who have their own TV shows.   Emilio Estevez went all serious, tried to pretend he wasn’t short, grew a moustache and made a film about Robert Kennedy, and Kiefer Sutherland eventually had to go to television – and make 24 – to gain full credibility, acquiring on the way I think a little plastic surgery on his chipmunk jowls.  Lou Diamond Philips La-Bamba’d off the Bratpack stage in about 1992 and has been seen in a host of TV movies ever since, and what of Ralph Macchio?  Did he Karate chop his way into the Millenium?  I doubt it.  He’s probably working in a Juice Bar somewhere, which isn’t like being dead, but you can see it from there.    Then there was Corey Feldman, the Haim’s closest friend and fellow Lost Boys vampire slayer.  Presumably his latest show, The Two Coreys may have to be shelved for a while.  So, a couple of career suicides, but is this the first Bratpack death?

From this...

The two Coreys.  He’s the one on the right, by the way, with the Helen Shapiro hair-do.

After the supreme heights of The Lost Boys,  Haim and Feldman continued to be part of the “Two Coreys for the price of One” deal and made this film about two young chaps and a motorcar:

Not long after the release of this, and his curious self-penned mini-biopic, “Me, Myself and I”, Corey’s motorcar unfortunately ended up in a permanent parking space at rehab beside Charlie Sheen.  He seemed to be in and out of it for the next fifteen years,  until he faintly resurrected himself with The Two Coreys.  Oh well.  My heart goes out to all those Corey Haim look-a-likes who must feel like all those Princess Diana look-a-likes did on the morning of September 1st 1997, and who now have to find someone else to look like.  Although in the end even Corey Haim was struggling with looking  like himself.  To go from:  


is most certainly a tragedy. 

Keifer Sutherland, on the other hand, has gone from looking dreadful and pasty:

See full size image

To looking very dapper and tanned, with or without his two, large dangling gongs here:

See full size image

Is Kiefer Sutherland the Dorian Gray of the bratpack?

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