About Me

London drives this journal-keeper to flights of fancy and reflection.  She spends afternoons scribbling in notepads in West End cafes when she should be working.  36 years old.  Imminent PhD student, part time piano teacher and all-round flaneur.  London.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi – I saw you wrote a blog post that shares the same name as my blog (just moved to Manhattan from London and posting my observations on the difference. I like your writing – I wondered if we should link up our blogs? Take a look at mine and see what you think – http://www.3471miles.com

  2. Enjoyed your burble about the Beatles in Ailsa Ave, which is where i’m writing this from. You’re perhaps twenty years too young to know that of the two old ladies waving at the fabs it was the bespectacled one who shortly afterwards became nationally famous in “Till death do us part” , Dandy Nichols.

    Keep up the flaneuring

  3. Is there a chronology to your blog? I enjoy your take on the Smoke but I seem to be jumping around all over the place and as I’m fairly organised – not obsessive compulsive you understand – although my CDs are in alphabetical… but that’s another story… What’s a CD? you ask, clutching your Ipod with evident alarm… but I digress… Where’s your blog begin??

    • Hello Davey

      Yes, I do jump around a bit from article to article as the mood takes me, here at The London Bluebird. The blog started in February 2010. Since May 2010 I have published an article every Thursday morning, usually just after elevenses. If you view the home page (and dont select any of the topics from the right hand options) you can view every single article starting from now and going back to the beginning should you so desire. I have no system on what I write, and simply blog on whatever I fancy on the day of publication. I understand about putting your CDs in order. In Bluebird land we are still alphabetically organising LP records. Thank you so much for reading, and I am delighted to hear you enjoy my take on the Big Smoke, and very much hope you continue to do so,

  4. Hello,
    I found you through the provisional programme for the upcoming VPFA meeting. I’d really like to learn more about your work on railway novels, so pls email me if you are interested: tabitha.sparks@mcgill.ca. Thanks!

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